An important part of every service is the meditation.  Each Sunday a meditation is offered to help people relax, let go of the stress they carry, and open to the Healing Power of God.  The Meditation occurs during our service just before the “Laying-on of Hands Healing” and prepares all to receive the healing energy that is available.

We know as Spiritualists that the healing power is always available to us, just as we know that we are never disconnected from God, our very source of life. It is our awareness of that connection that sometimes wanders and as we take the time to sit, relax and meditate, we can allow that connection to be strengthened and we can feel the love and support that is available to us.

We all need to feel a connection to that which is greater than ourselves. We all need to know that healing energy, guidance and help is always available to us.

Our weekly meditation helps us to connect, to open and to remember who we are! We are spiritual beings continually evolving and progressing as we exist within our physical bodies. We are much more than just our physical bodies.

When we take a moment to step away from our physical existence and feel our connection to life itself, we can take in the energy that we need to awaken the healing power that exists within us. We can also open to the gentle guidance that is always available to us.

They say that Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening. We all need to listen sometimes so that we can receive the answers that are whispered into our hearts.

We hope that you will take a few moments to partake of the meditation that is included on this website. It is meant to be a gift of peace to all who enter these pages.

May it help you to “Let Go and Let God”, if only for this moment. Remember this moment will lead to the next and the next in wonderful ways if you allow this moment to be filled with peace.

For additional meditations visit YouTube and search Rev. Mary DiGiovanni