Every week during our Services and Classes we receive amazing wisdom from the Spirit world to help us live our lives in a better way.

Our spirit loved ones have had a chance to review their lives and have learned a lot about living and they love to share their wisdom with us.

The messages received hold universal wisdom.  Since we are all going through similar experiences it stands to reason that we can learn from others learning without having to experience the pain and heartache.

Each week more messages from Spirit

will be added to help you in your life.


Love never leaves us

Care for nature, “fill the feeders”


Don’t let people stop your progress – go around them if necessary.


It doesn’t matter what others think about you.  Be happy, your worry about others opinions of you is a waste of time.


You are not responsible to solve everyone else’s problems.  Don’t take on the burdens of others; Support them and love them through but allow them the learning their experiences are bringing.


It is a gift to instill confidence in others

Take interest in those around you


Take responsiblity for your choices and realize ther is always a positive or negative choice available.  Each chouce you make will teach you something but the positive choice will also bring happiness for all.


Find your own power and from there  draw your dreams.

All dreams deserve attention but with focus and clarity you can choose the best dream for you.


Be present in all moments to receive the gift it holds.  There is a jewel hidden in each experience with another being.  Be awake, be aware to receive all the gifts you have in store.


Spirit celebrates with you

Life is precious and everyday is worthy of celebration.


It is more helpful to walk softly and allow inner guidance to lead the way than to rush blindly forward and miss the boat.