The church offers a variety of classes to promote the development of its members. For more information about the classes, requirements and what is covered, please contact Rev. Mary DiGiovanni, Pastor by emailing: or call 617-861-1440.


While the virus remains a threat we are doing online classes through Zoom . 

We will notify all enrolled students with details as they become available.

Introduction to Spiritualism – 8 Week Course – Open to All  

 Spring Zoom Session

 Call or Email for information

Scheduled to start TUESDAY, April 1st at 7PM 



The Link will be sent out a few days before class and a confirmation will be sent when you register below,  

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Learn about the Philosophy, History, and Principles of the Religion of Spiritualism.

 Experience INSPIRATIONAL WRITING  and MEDIUMSHIP at its basic level.

Get a new understanding of how Spiritualism views the Bible and other Sacred Texts.

Learn about and experience the wonders of Healing.

Understand yourself as an energy being

Get a deeper understanding of the Chakras and how they relate to your thoughts and to your health

Week 1: Principles and Philosophy of Spiritualism

Week 2:  Healing

Week 3:  History

Week 4:  Natural Law

Week 5:  Energy and You

Week 6:  Definitions and Terms plus Experience Inspirational Writing

Week 7:  Basics of Mediumship

Week 8:  Spiritualist View of the Bible and other Sacred Texts

Intro Class Please enter name

This course is taught 3 times per year.  The donation requested is $90, which includes class materials.  Discounts are available according to need – please speak to the Pastor regarding a sliding scale. Pre-Registration is required as seating is limited.

Completion of this course is required to gain entrance into all other courses.

To Register: Please contact Rev. Mary at 617-861-1440 or email to


Continuing Education for Members

Unfoldment classes for GBCS Students are held during the seasons of fall, and spring in 10 week sessions. Donation requested is $100.

Members Spiritual Development and Healing Class

Supporting the GBCS Healing Certification Program

Teacher: Rev. Mary DiGiovanni

    This class is held in order to support those working toward certification.

 On Zoom Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9

This class is geared to help all GBCS Members, who have completed the Introduction to Spiritualism class, to continue their education in the religion of Spiritualism.  Students are guided to look within, to discover their true essence as spiritual beings, and to develop their innate healing abilities as they recognize their oneness with Infinite Spirit, God.

Each two-hour class will help the individual to connect to the Divine Healing Energy and to look with new eyes at themselves and the world around them.  Meditations, Healing Circles, Spiritual Discussions and many different exercises will be included to assist every individual as they travel their own unique spiritual journey.  The GBCS Healing Coursework will be supported.

Presented in 10-week sessions each season.  Requested Donation $100 payable at first class.

Members Mediumship Unfoldment & Certification Classes

Teachers: Rev. Mary DiGiovanni

Class 1:  Mediumship Certification Class – held on Zoom on Monday evenings from  6:30 – 8:30 pm

This class is for returning students committed to developing their individual spirits and their mediumistic abilities.  Meditations, Exercises and learning opportunities for all to expand their understandings about the interactions between the spiritual and physical planes. This class supports the Certification Course.


Children’s Lyceum and Young Adult Classes held monthly as needed.  Please contact the Pastor for information.

 Certification Courses through G.B.C.S. are available, contact the Pastor for more information

Step Into the Light