What is Spiritual healing?

Spiritual Healing, also known as the “Laying on of Hands” is a gentle way to relax and connect to Infinite Spirit, God. As we relax, we are able to let go of our stress and worries and we can become aware or attuned to the healing power of God.  This healing power exists in the life force energy which is always around us.  It’s in the very air that we breathe!  In some religions or cultures, it is known as Prana, Chi or as the Universal Energy Force.  As we relax and bring our awareness to the love and life force that exists around us, we embrace its healing qualities and allow these restorative energies to flow to every aspect of our being.  These healing energies provide us what we need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Spiritual Healing goes to the root cause of an issue for a permanent result and works in harmony with medical and alternate therapies.
Is it dangerous?  There is absolutely no danger – Spiritual Healing can do no harm.  Infinite Intelligence, God, is always in charge – the healers are merely channels or conduits for the power of love, the most powerful force in the universe.
God’s Love Heals, it never harms!

Healing and Spiritualism

Spiritual healing is one of the most ancient methods of healing known to mankind.  Ancient spiritual leaders, priests, and medicine men were revered healers for their people.  The act of touching a place of injury to relieve pain is almost instinctual.  When we hurt ourselves, don’t we often stop and grasp or hold the area affected?  This is ancient knowledge that has been lost in our modern, technological world.

Spiritualism recognizes several significant spiritual healers throughout history.  Perhaps the most well-known and revered is the Master Jesus.  The Gospels contain many accounts of both laying on of hands, as well as absent healing.  In more recent history, we recognize the work of Anton Mesmer, whose research with the healing powers of animal magnetism led him to the discovery of what we today call hypnotism.

In Spiritualism’s history, we also note Andrew Jackson Davis, known as the American Prophet and the “John the Baptist” of Spiritualism, whose x-ray clairvoyance in a trance state allowed him to see illness in a person’s body.

The most prominent Spiritualist Healer in recent years was Harry Edwards of England.  During his work in the 20th entury, Harry became well known for two forms of spiritual healing; the laying on of hands and absent healing.  He published many books regarding the work of the spiritual healer and the wellness of the human body.  In 1946, he founded the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Surrey, England, which today provides education, training, and healing services.

Healing at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism

Laying on of hands
The laying on of hands is a part of each Sunday service.  After the healing meditation, all are welcome to sit in the healing chairs.  The healers will place their hands on your head, neck, shoulders, or upper back.  You can sit for healing for yourself, or you can send the healing you receive out to a loved one in need.

Healing circles
Each week, our pastor and students sit in healing circle and send absent healing out to those in need.  Anyone may ask for healing prayers.  Please email your request to the pastor, Rev. Mary DiGiovanni (healergbcs@hotmail.com) and include a picture and the person’s name and the illness or injury involved. Please keep us updated regarding the healing.

Healing bears and shawls
The church also has available healing bears and healing shawls for a $10 donation.  These items have been prayed over and blessed by our healers so they will carry the healing energy to their recipient.   The names of the recipients are also added to our healing book, which is read during the Sunday service.

Home and hospital visits
Laying on of hands is available to those by special appointment who are infirm at home or in the hospital.  Please contact Rev. DiGiovanni to make arrangements.

Note:  Our Healers achieve and maintain their healing certifications by people submitting Affidavits describing the healing they experienced with the healer.  If you would like to help please email your healing experience to healergbcs@hotmail.com with the name of the healer.


I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force to remove all obstruction from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and honesty and I will do my part.
I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force to help both present and absent ones who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health.
I put my faith and trust in the love and the power of God.